St Louis Aerial Video, Aerial Photography & Drone Video Productions

St Louis Aerial Video, Aerial Photography & Drone Video Productions

314media safely performs St Louis aerial photography & drone video services for clients in and around the St Louis and Southern Illinois area.   Our flight teams are comprised of professionals who strive to make your production an overwhelming success. We can provide video editing, music selection, and a complete production – or simply just raw footage — for one low, turn-key cost.  Certificate of Insurance and other documents are available upon request.

st louis aerial video

At 314media, we have provided professional St Louis aerial photography & St. Louis drone videos for all kinds of uses such as real estate, construction review & promotion, insurance purposes, and a whole laundry list of other applications. Aerial photographs or drone videos of your business location are great for marketing materials, print, or even on your website or video channel. Our St Louis drone video services provide the WOW factor that your product or service is looking for. Aerial Video Services from 314media is an affordable way to promote your business or organization. Our Aerial Video Services provide a unique perspective for your audience.

Our team can will provide you with high resolution images and full motion, high definition video for use in all multimedia applications — printed collateral materials, trade show displays, newsletters and on the internet or social media. We also provide digital editing and can write, produce, and shoot any projects you may require for your next multimedia or marketing & promotions project.

Our state-of-the-art video drones can go where full sized helicopters and traditional aircraft cannot.  We can achieve those high impact moments for your product, service, or other important events. At 314media, our services can also include a shoot of traditional handheld or fixed video while on the ground to provide the full perspective.  Our St Louis aerial photography and drone video services can allow for full HD video and photography.

314media can even provide up to 60FPS or even 4K video for slow motion and hovering effects.  Our aerial video and aerial photography services are both professional and affordable – and we are the best choice in St Louis for aerial photography, drone videos, and aerial video services.

314media provides the St Louis area with state of the art drone helicopter videos, St Louis aerial video, and aerial photography and video editing services in the St. Louis and surrounding Metro Area. Our St Louis Aerial Video, Aerial Photography, & St Louis Drone Video Services come complete with music and editing time included in our simple package price.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.  314media has the experience creating drone and aerial videos in St. Louis and have worked closely with clients in the following industries:

  • aerial-video-st-louisMarketing / Advertising / Promotion
  • Building Contractors & Construction
  • Real Estate & Insurance Agencies
  • Tourism & Land Appraisal Companies
  • Resorts and Recreation Tours
  • Golf Course Planning & Tours
  • Auto Dealer Inventory & Flyovers
  • Retail Site Planning & Documentation
  • Property Documentation & Flyovers
  • Estate Photography / Videos
  • Insurance Damage Assessments
  • TV News / Commercials / Film
  • Real estate walkthroughs
  • Product Promotional Videos
  • Weddings & Private Parties

Contact us for more information about availability /pricing for our St Louis aerial photography and St Louis drone video services.

A good way to promote your business is through aerial video and aerial photography. Production value doesn’t have to be the most important consideration in producing your aerial video marketing content. High production values don’t necessarily translate to good returns back on your investment. Even large companies have used our cost-efficient aerial videos to generate a high number visitors to their website or YouTube channels.  Aerial photography is a great way to  capture your audience’s attention. The first 10 to 15 seconds of each video should be the make or break period. By using an unusual perspective (like aerial videos or aerial photography) to draw them in for the beginning of the video.  Our small, highly maneuverable drones are lightweight, battery powered & fly very smoothly – and more importantly are very discreet. Our aerial photography and drone video flight patters are determined beforehand.  In St Louis drone videos are a new type of aerial media that is very cutting edge and is catching on quickly in the St Louis area.


Conventional aircraft like helicopters must stay above about 300 feet for safe operation.  Our robotic UAV quadcopters capture that important 0 – 400′ altitude range to give views that traditional helicopters just can’t provide.  The places that we are able to fly these aerial drones and the angles we can achieve will captivate and amaze your audience.  We provide turn-key video production and editing as well as raw HD footage of your use.  Our St Louis aerial photography and drone video services are the only complete, turn key service of it’s kind in St. Louis Contact us for more information about our St. Louis Aerial Photography and our St. Louis Drone Video services.

With our high-resolution camera integrated into a modern remote-controlled flying aircraft, we can achieve the best visual effects for your needs. For use in flyers and catalogs, brochures, posters,online and more.  Aerial photographs and aerial videos are the perfect tool to uniquely promote your product.  Printed on canvas or framed, aerial pictures used in homes, foyers and boardrooms can enhance decor of all styles. Whether cool, informative, or atmospheric, memorable aerial photographs and videos are worth a 1,000 words.

Need More? Try An Aerial Panoramic Video or Photograph

Aerial panoramas give the viewer an “as-free-as-a-bird” look in all directions.  Unlike conventional 360° panoramas, aerial panoramas creates a unique opportunity for interactivity on web pages.   They can show views out to the horizon and, more importantly, the view straight down.

Your web page, enhanced with interactive aerial imagery, can be the defining moment for your prospective customer by providing pictures that make them feel like they are actually there.  Used on web pages and YouTube as part of marketing, advertising and promotion, aerial photography and aerial videos can enhance conversions and generate new business. Aerial photography can be used wherever the all-round view from the air is required to show impressive views and informative overviews.  They can illustrate prominent points-of-interest and far off views.  A panoramic aerial drone video or photographs from 314media will help you reach your goals.

Let us become your value added partner for your next multimedia production.  Contact us for more information about pricing or availability.  We provide end-to-end services including shooting, editing, and final mixing of all projects.  Contact us for more information on pricing and availability.   We are a professional and affordable St Louis aerial video and aerial photography provider and we look forward to working with you..

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